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Baseline Trunk Flexibility Sit and Reach Test

Standard Sit-and-Reach Test
Deluxe Sit-and-Reach Test
Standard Sit-and-Reach Test
Fabrication Enterprises 12-1085 Standard Sit-and-Reach Test
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Model: 12-1085
Model: 12-1086





with variable start point for normalized results
  • Performs sit and reach tests
  • Scales include: fitness, program, cooper institute / YMCA, AAHPERD
  • Scales printed in inches and centimeters
  • Maximum stretch indicator that remains until reset
  • Sturdy powder-coated metal construction with a built-in foot plate
  • 12-1086 Deluxe model offers a variable starting point which normalizes results
More Details

The Baseline Flexibility Box Tests allow for fitness and flexibility screening in a simple and efficient manner. The Trunk Flexibility Test Box scales include: fitness, program, Cooper Institute/YMCA, AAHPERD and are printed in inches and centimeters. The Sit-an-Reach Tests are constructed of sturdy powder-coated metal and are an ideal testing tool for the clinical environment.

The Baseline 12-1086 Deluxe Flexibility Box adds the additional feature of allowing for the start point of the test to be varied. Using this protocol the test score can be normalized to account for the difference in arm and leg length for each patient.

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