13-1349 TwinStim® Plus Digital 4 Channel TENS / EMS Unit

Digital EMS / TENS Unit
Digital EMS / TENS Unit
Fabrication Enterprises 13-1349 Digital EMS / TENS Unit
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Model: 13-1349


Portable with Battery and AC Adapter
  • 3 EMS modes
  • 5 TENS modes
  • Variable timer
  • Asymmetrical bi-phasic square pulse
  • Variable pulse rate and width
  • Variable ramp time
  • Variable contraction / relaxation time
  • Patient compliance meter
  • Includes 8 reusable electrodes
More Details

The Digital 4-Channel TENS / EMS Unit provides a superb stimulator solution for both nerves and muscles. The Unit offers 5 transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) modes and 3 electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) modes. The TENS modes send electrical currents through the skin in order to control pain. The EMS modes help to treat muscle injuries by sending electronic pulses to the muscle and causing it to exercise passively. The EMS is ideal for re-educating paralyzed muscles, or preventing atrophy in muscles that have become inactive. This Device has variable pulse rate, width, ramp time, and contraction / relaxation time. The EMS / TENS Unit is a perfect treatment tool, for both professional and personal use.

The five TENS modes are Burst, Normal, Modulation, SD1, and SD2. The three EMS modes are constant, synchronous, and alternate.

The Digital TENS / EMS Therapy Unit is complete and ready to use and includes the therapy unit, 4 lead wires, 8 reusable electrodes, 4 AA batteries, AC adapter, instruction manual, and hard carry case.

Contraction Time 2 to 90 sec, 1 sec per step
Electrodes 8, reusable
EMS Modes 3
Power AA battery and AC adapter (both included)
Pulse Amplitude 100 mA peak"to 500 ohm load, adjustable
Pulse Ramp 1 to 8 sec
Pulse Rate (2) 150 Hz Adjustable
Pulse Width 50 to 300 mS, adjustable
TENS Modes 5
Timer 1 to 60 min, or continuous
Waveform Asymmetric Biphasic Square Pulse
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