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Fabrication Enterprises 2 Button Folding Walkers

Adult Folding 2-Button Walker, No Wheels
Junior Folding 2-Button Walker, No Wheels
Oversize Folding 2-Button Walker, No Wheels
Adult Folding 2-Button Walker, 3" Wheels
Adult Folding 2-Button Walker, 5" Wheels
Junior Folding 2-Button Walker, 5" Wheels
Adult Folding 2-Button Walker, No Wheels
Fabrication Enterprises 43-2110-4 Adult Folding 2-Button Walker, 3" Wheels
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Model: 43-2100
Model: 43-2100-4
Model: 43-2102
Model: 43-2102-4
Model: 43-2104
Model: 43-2104-2
Model: 43-2110
Model: 43-2110-4
Model: 43-2120
Model: 43-2120-4
Model: 43-2122
Model: 43-2122-4
























Adult, No Wheels
Junior, No Wheels
Oversize, No Wheels
Adult, 3" Wheels
Adult, 5" Wheels
Junior, 5" Wheels
  • Press the buttons to fold for easy transport and storage
  • Available with rubber tips or front wheels and rear glider tips
  • Available in 3 adjustable sizes
  • Sold individually or by the case
More Details

Folding Walkers by Fabrication Enterprises can accommodate a range of individuals with limited mobility. Adjustable Walkers fold for easy transportation and storage, and are available different sizes to accommodate a range of adolescents and adults. These Folding Walkers are available with rear glider tips and rubber tips, 3 inch wheels, or 5 inch wheels on the front.

Wheel Size 3" 5"
Fabrication Enterprises Minimum One Year Warranty

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