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J-Tech Commander 12-0383 Manual Muscle Tester

Digital Muscle Tester
Digital Muscle Tester
Fabrication Enterprises 12-0383 Digital Muscle Tester
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Model: 12-0383



Made in USA
  • Stores 40 tests with up to 4 repetitions per side
  • Measures force and calculates CV and strength deficits
  • Axis compensation circuitry
  • Push button controls
  • LCD display
  • Proudly made in the USA
More Details

J-Tech Commander 12-0383 Manual Muscle Tester can store up to 40 tests with 4 repetitions on each side. The Muscle Tester measures force and calculates CV and strength deficits and will prompt for the next test in series. The 12-0383 Power Track Digital Muscle Tester features built in axis compensation circuitry to account for different angles of measurement. J-Tech Commander has push button controls and an LCD display for ease of use. The Manual Muscle Tester is proudly made in the USA.

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