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Nylatex Ice Pack Wraps

Small Wrap
Medium Wrap
Large Wrap
9 Piece Assortment, 1 Each
Small Wrap
Fabrication Enterprises 00-1202 Small Wrap
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Model: 00-1202
Model: 00-1264
Model: 00-1204
Model: 00-1206
Model: 00-1208
Model: 00-1210
Model: 00-1212
Model: 00-1213
Model: 00-1214
Model: 00-1216
Model: 00-1218
Model: 00-1200
Pack of 3
Excludes 00-1213 and 00-1264
  • Material is designed for use with electrodes, cold therapy and steam therapy
  • Maintain therapeutic temperature while providing support and securing pack
  • Various dimensions available for virtually any size hot / cold pack
  • Holds hot cold pack to virtually any contour of the body
More Details

The Nylatex Wrap provides a convenient method of securing reusable hot and cold packs to virtually any contour of the body. This Nylatex Wrap is easy to apply and intended for use in home or medical facilities. Nylatex Material is designed for use with muscle stimulator electrodes, steam packs and cold packs.

The Nylatex Wrap is available in a 9 piece assortment that excludes models 00-1213 and 00-1264. The Assortment pack includes 00-1202, 00-1204, 00-1206, 00-1208, 00-1210, 00-1212, 00-1214, 00-1216, and 00-1218.

Dimensions 2.5" x 18" (6 x 46 cm) LxW 2.5" x 36" (6 x 91 cm) LxW 2.5" x 48" (6 x 122 cm) LxW 4" x 18" (10 x 46 cm) LxW 4" x 36" (10 x 91 cm) LxW 4" x 48" (10 x 122 cm) LxW 4" x 60" (10 x 152 cm) LxW 6" x 18" (15 x 46 cm) LxW 6" x 36" (15 x 91 cm) LxW 6" x 48" (15 x 122 cm) LxW 2.5" x 24" (6 x 61 cm) LxW
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