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Relief Pak Cold n' Hot Spot

Small Compress, 5 x 3 in
Medium Compress, 12 x 7 in
Large Compress, 13 x 10 in
Neck Compress, 22 x 7 in
Circular Compress, 10 in Diameter
Tri-Sectional Compress, 16 x 8 in
Small Compress, 5 x 3 in
Fabrication Enterprises 11-1291 Small Compress, 5 x 3 in
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Model: 11-1291
Model: 11-1291-12
Model: 11-1292
Model: 11-1292-12
Model: 11-1293
Model: 11-1293-6
Model: 11-1294
Model: 11-1294-12
Model: 11-1297
Model: 11-1297-12
Model: 11-1298
Model: 11-1298-6
  • Heat therapy soothes discomfort from stiff muscles, backache, arthritis, and muscle pulls
  • Cold therapy soothes discomfort from injury, sprains, swelling, and tensions headaches
  • Comfortable, soft fabric that conforms to the curves of the body
  • Use standard hook and loop closure to strap pack in place
  • Non-toxic, non-crystallizing gel allows pack to contour
  • Fabric is gentle on the skin, frost-free, and washable
  • Freeze or Microwave
  • Reusable
More Details

The Cold n' Hot Compress is perfect for convenient pain relief. This Temperature Therapy Compress provides soothing moist heat therapy or cold treatment. Heat therapy is indicated for use soothing discomfort associated with stiff muscles, backache, arthritis, and muscle pulls; while cold therapy is best for soothing injury, sprains, swelling, and tension headaches. The Cold n' Hot Compress is excellent for use in physical therapy facilities, rehabilitation clinics, and for personal pain relief.

The non-crystallizing gel center allows the Relief Pak Compress to contour to whichever is the afflicted part of the body. The soft, comfortable fabric that surrounds the non-toxic gel is gentle on the skin, frost-free, and washable. This reusable Cold n' Hot Spot can be put in either the freezer or microwave, dependant on the source of the pain. Just use the standard hook and loop closure to strap the Gel Hot Cold Pack to the injured area. Ideal for use in physical therapy clinics or the home.

Dimensions 5" x 3" LxW 12" x 7" LxW 13" x 10" LxW 22" x 7" LxW 16" x 8" LxW
Diameter 10"
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