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Theraband Resistance Tubing Packs

Exercise Tubes
Foam Padded Handles
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Model: 10-1327
Model: 10-1328
  • 1 five foot length each
  • 1 five foot length each
  • Yellow / X-light
  • Blue / Heavy
  • Red / Light
  • Black / X-heavy
  • Green / Medium
  • Effective alone or with handles and anchors (Available separately)
  • Compact and portable for clinical or home use
  • Color coding provides patient feedback and positive reinforcement
  • Ideal for rehabilitation and strength training of upper and lower body
  • Natural rubber latex
  • 5 Progressive training levels available
10-1327 Light Kit Includes
  • One 5 foot length each
  • Yellow, x-light
  • Red, light
  • Green, medium
10-1328 Heavy Kit Includes
  • One 5 foot length each
  • Blue, heavy
  • Black, x-heavy
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Additional Components

Handles, 1 Pair

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Model: 10-3220

Double Loop Stirrups, Box of 10

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Box of 10
Model: 10-5310-10

Double Loop Stirrups, Case of 50

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Case of 50
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Adjustable Handles, Box of 10 Pairs

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Box of 10 Pairs
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Adjustable Handles, Box of 50 Pairs

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Case of 50 Pairs
Model: 10-5330-50

Theraband Resistance Tubing provides a simple and effective method for upper and lower body rehabilitation. The Exercise Tubes are effective alone or when used with handles and anchors - See related products above. Five levels of resistance are obtained by varying the thickness of the natural rubber latex Fitness Tubing used. The color coded Thera-Band system offers positive reinforcement for patient progress.

The Thera-Band Resistance Packs are offered in two difficulty levels. The 10-1327 Light Retail Pack contains one 5 foot length each: yellow / x-light, red / light and green / medium Resistance Tube. The Thera-Band 10-1328 Heavy Pack offers one 5 foot length each: blue / heavy and black / x- heavy bands. The Exercise Tubes are convenient, portable and well suited to clinical or home use.

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