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Tumble Forms Rolls

Physical Therapy Roll
Physical Therapy Roll
Fabrication Enterprises 30-3002 Physical Therapy Roll
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Made in USA
  • Adaptive shapes for positioning, neuro-development training, and rocking and rolling movements
  • Used for gross and fine motor skill development
  • Webbing strap for hanging on rack
  • Available in many sizes
  • Proudly made in the USA
More Details

Embodying the sentiment that the simplest tools can be the most effective, the Tumble Forms Rolls offer extensive versatility in their uses for physical therapy. Used for gross and fine motor skill development, the TumbleForms are adaptive shapes that are also ideal for positioning, neuro-development training, and rolling and rocking exercises. These soft yet firm rolls are quite suitable for balance, extension exercises, forearm and hand control, coordination training, and the practice of weight bearing.

The Roller is crafted from high-quality, nontoxic polymers, including an inner foam core and a flexible outer coating, to ensure long life and extended durability. Made with a convenient webbing strap for hanging on the wall rack, which can be purchased separately - See accessories below - the Physical Therapy Rollers are adaptable and easy to store. Ideal for any physical therapy or rehabilitation facility, these Rolls are proudly made in the USA.

Dimensions 24" x 4" LxW 24" x 6" LxW 24" x 8" LxW 36" x 8" LxW 36" x 10" LxW 36" x 12" LxW 48" x 12" LxW 48" x 14" LxW 48" x 16" LxW
Size 24 x 4" 24 x 6" 24 x 8" 36 x 8" 36 x 10" 36 x 12" 48 x 12" 48 x 14" 48 x 16"
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Rack for Skillbuilders and TumbleForms Rolls
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