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Lumex English Style Ice Caps

English Ice Bag
English Ice Bag
GF Health Products, Inc. HT9007 English Ice Bag
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  • Wide mouth opening
  • Accommodates large ice cubes
  • Can also be used for heat therapy by filling with hot (not boiling) water
  • Cold therapy reduces inflammation associated with sprains, headaches, and sinus pressure
  • Heat therapy relieves muscle strain and cramps
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The Lumex English Style Ice Cap is the perfect home remedy for headaches, migraines, muscle aches, and swelling. The old-fashioned reusable ice bag has long been the antidote of choice for people worldwide. The soft bags shapes itself around the affected area for full contact and relief. With its wide mouth opening to accommadate large ice cubes, the Lumex Reusable Ice Bag is ideal for home use for cold therapy. It is also great for travel or camping, or any place where a freezer to store your gel pack is not readily available.

The Bag Cap can also be used for heat therapy for certain afflictions or simply to provide comfort during cold conditions. Cold therapy reduces inflammation associated with sprains, headaches and head pain, and sinus pressure, while hot therapy relieves muscle strain and cramps. Cold therapy is also good for cooling off on a hot day or for menopausal hot flash relief. To heat treat with the Ice Bag, fill two-thirds of the bag with hot (not boiling) water, securely screw the cap on and place where needed. For ice treatment, fill two-thirds with ice instead.

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