Jant Pharmacal Point-of-Care Diagnostic Supplies

Infectious Disease Testing by Jant Pharmacal

Shop Jant's selection of infectious disease point of care tests including Strep A tests, Mono Tests, and more.

H. Pylori Tests

Learn more about the Accutest ID392 H. Pylori rapid tests which provide results in just 3-7 minutes.
Shop H. Pylori Rapid Tests

Strep A Tests

The Accustrip Strep A Value+ Test Strip delivers results in just 5 minutes. The Strep Test is also CLIA waived.
Shop Strep A Tests by Jant Pharmacal

Mono Tests

Learn more about the CLIA Waived Accutest Mononucleosis Rapid Test from Jant Pharmacal which delivers results in just minutes.
Shop Mononucleosis Tests

UTI Tests

Learn more about the CLIA Waived Accutest Uriscreen UTI test from Jant Pharmacal.
Shop UTI Tests by Jant

Accutest Drugs of Abuse Testing

Learn more about Jant Pharmacal's line of drug tests and testing supplies including screens for marijuana, cocaine, meth, and more.

Urine Drug Screens

Learn more about the Accutest line of multi and single screen urine drug tests manufactured by Jant Pharmacal.
Shop Urine Drug Screens

Alcohol Testing & Breathalyzers

Shop alcohol tests and breathalyzers from Jant Pharamacal -- prices start at just $45.21
Shop Accutest Alcohol Testing

Tobacco Exposure Tests

Test for tobacco exposure using Accutest nicotine screens for saliva and urine.
Shop Tobacco Exposure Tests

Adulteration Detection

Test for adulteration from substances designed to interfere with results using the drug strips with adulteration detection
Shop Tests with Adulteration Detection

Urinalysis Equipment & Supplies from Jant Pharmacal

Urine Reagent Strip Readers

Learn more about the Accustrip URS Reader from Jant Pharmacal featuring non-touch strip analysis and more.
Shop URS Readers

Urine Reagent Strips

Shop the Accustrip line of Urine Reagent Strips from Jant Pharmacal. Strips are availbe with 2, 4, or 10 parameters.
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Other Accutest Point of Care Diagnostic Tests by Jant Pharmacal

Shop the Accutest line of Point of Care Diagnostic Products including pregnancy tests, urine reagent strips, and more.

Pregnancy Testing

Shop the Accutest line of pregnancy tests and testing supplies -- all the pregnancy testing supplies you need at an honest price.
Shop Pregnancy Testing

Colorectal Cancer Screens

Shop iFOBT colorectal cancer screening kits from Jant Pharmacal. These tests deliever results in just 5-10 minutes.
Shop iFOBT Tests

Hypothyroidism Rapid Test

Learn more about the MD801 TSH Hypothyroidism test from Jant Pharmacal which delivers results in under 10 minutes.
Learn More about the MD801

Lipid Plus Cholesterol Meters

Learn more about the Jant Lipid Plus total cholesterol and glucose testing systems.
Learn More about the Lipid Plus