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LipidPlus® Total Cholesterol and Glucose Measuring System

Total Cholesterol and Glucose Monitor
Total Cholesterol and Glucose Monitor
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Model: MD550


Prescription Required for Home Consumers
Medical Professionals Sales Only
Meter Only
  • CLIA Waived
  • Professional Sales Only
  • Package Includes:
  • LipidPlus Meter
  • User Manual
  • Storage Case
  • Two AAA Batteries
  • One Cholesterol Check Strip
  • Point-of-care testing for rapid results and immediate treatment options
  • Measures total cholesterol, and blood glucose
  • Displays rapid, accurate results
  • CLIA-waived
  • FDA-cleared
  • CRMLN-certified for total cholesterol
  • Stores up to 200 test results
  • Simple test procedure and system operation
  • Battery-operated
  • Small, portable hand-held analyzer
  • Optional printer available - See accessories below
Total Cholesterol Test Strips
  • Single strip format
  • Small, 5uL blood sample size
  • Automatic code recognition by RFID-tag
  • CLIA-waived
  • Results in two minutes
  • Room temperature storage
  • 10 strips per box
  • Package includes 10 triple capillary blood collectors
Glucose Test Strips
  • Glucose levels require only 0.3ul of capillary whole blood
  • Automatic code recognition by color tag
  • CLIA-waived
  • Results in just a few seconds
  • Room temperature storage
  • 50 strips per box
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Additional Components

Total Cholesterol Test Strips

Total Cholesterol Test Strips
Box of 10
Model: MD532

Total Cholesterol Controls

Total Cholesterol Controls
Level 1 & 2
Model: MDC5812

Glucose Test Strips

Glucose Test Strips
Box of 50
Model: MD540

Glucose Controls

LipidPlus Glucose Controls
Model: MDC590

Please note: These JANT professional products can only ship to healthcare facilities.

The LipidPlus® Lipid and Glucose Measuring System offers a convenient, accurate and cost-effective way to screen patients for lipid disorders and help manage their treatment. The LipidPlus® Cholesterol Monitor measures total cholesterol, and glucose. The LipidPlus® Point-of-Care Cholesterol Monitoring System provides rapid results in just two minutes using only a small blood sample.

Jant Pharmacal's LipidPlus® Meter is intended for in-vitro diagnostic use in professional health care settings. The LipidPlus® meter and strips are CLIA-waived, FDA-cleared, and CRMLN-certified for cholesterol. Measurements obtained by the LipidPlus® may be used in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders involving excess cholesterol in the blood and lipid, lipoprotein metabolism disorders, as well as aid in the management of diabetes using the glucose test function. The American Heart Association recommends adults over 20 have their cholesterol checked every four to six years to help determine risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke.

The Total Cholesterol test result is based on a reading of reflection density. When blood is applied, the color changes in the test area through an enzyme reaction and the meter then records this change and converts the measurement to the displayed result based on the coding in the strip. Glucose in the blood sample will react to the electrodes in the glucose test strip, generating an electrical current that stimulates a chemical reaction, which is converted to the corresponding blood glucose value by the LipidPlus® meter and displayed.

The LipidPlus® features two coding systems for automatic code recognition. Each vial of Total Cholesterol Test Strips has an RFID-tag, which enables the meter to recognize its code number automatically. With the LipidPlus® code recognition, there is no need to change calibration chips with each lot of reagent. LipidPlus® Glucose Test Strips have a color-tag on the back of each strip which also enables the meter to recognize its code number automatically.

LipidPlus® Test Strips and Control Solutions do not require refrigeration, significantly reducing the cost of storage and transportation, and eliminating the waiting time sometimes needed to bring reagents to room temperature. The Cholesterol and Glucose Analyzer can store up to 200 individual test results with date and time, which can be retrieved and printed at any time. Each LipidPlus® Cholesterol Monitor includes two AAA batteries, a carrying case, and a cholesterol check strip. LipidPlus® Total Cholesterol Test Strips include needed triple capillary blood collectors. An optional thermal printer is available to automatically print test results. Also available for purchase separately are external control solutions for glucose and total cholesterol.

Battery Life Approximately 1,000 tests
Glucose Measuring Principle Electrochemical
Glucose Test Range 20 to 600 mg/dL
Glucose Test Sample Volume 0.3 uL
Glucose Testing Time 3 sec
HCT Range 30 to 55%
HDL-Cholesterol Testing Range 25 to 80 mg/dL
LDL-Cholesterol Calculation Reported only when triglycerides are < 350 mg/dL
Lipid Profile Measuring Principle Spectroscopy
Lipid Profile Sample Volume 5 uL
Lipid Profile Testing Method Enzymatic - colorimetric method
Lipid Profile Testing Time About 2 min
Monitor Dimensions 2.4" x 4.3" x 0.9" (61 x 109 x 23 mm)
Monitor Power (2) AAA 1.5V Batteries (Included)
Monitor Weight 2.73 oz (77.5 g), including batteries
Operating Humidity 10 to 90%
Operating Temperature 64 to 86°F (18 to 30°C)
RFID Antenna Integrated
RFID Frequency 13.56 MHz
RFID Nominal Read/Write Range < 2 cm
RFID Standard Supported ISO/IEC 15693
Storage Humidity 10 to 90%
Storage Temperature 36 to 86°F (2 to 30°C)
Test Calibration Plasma - Equivalent
Test Sample Type Capillary whole blood
Total Cholesterol Testing Range 100 to 400 mg/dL
Triglycerides Testing Range 70 to 600 mg/dL
1 Year Warranty

The manufacturer warrants that this product is free from defects in material and workmanship. Repair or replacement will be issued for any product which is found defective under the terms of this warranty. QuickMedical will assist with warranty issues within 30 days of product delivery. After that time, the product's manufacturer must be contacted directly to address all warranty issues.

30 Day Return Policy

This product has a 30-day money back guarantee. Simply call QuickMedical Customer Service at 425-222-5963 for a return authorization number and instruction on where to ship the return. All returns must be authorized and in original packaging.

Restock Fee

If returned, this product's manufacturer may charge a restocking fee of 15%.

To avoid factory restock fees, please consult with a QuickMedical sales associate to insure the product meets your needs. On site demos or factory approved trial and evaluations can be arranged, and may reduce or eliminate restocking fees.


LipidPlus Thermal Printer
Includes rechargeable battery, power adapter, paper roll, interface cable
Factory Direct
LipidPlus Thermal Printer Paper
Box of 10 Rolls
Factory Direct