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Medical Equipment and Medical Supply Manufacturers

QuickMedical works with over 100 suppliers from the United States and Canada in order to bring you the medical equipment and supplies you need. QuickMedical is proud to represent these quality suppliers and will ship their products worldwide to medical institutions, hospitals, clinics, consumers and more.
A&D Medical
A&D Medical is a leading manufacturer of home health care products. A&D Medical home health care products include automatic and manual blood pressure monitors, thermometers, stethoscopes, scales and ambulatory blood pressure monitors for professional use.
A worldwide leader in consumer fitness, AccuFitness markets Body Fat Calipers. The Calipers measure body fat accurately, consistently and easily. Ideal for people in exercise, bodybuilding, physique transformation, and weight management programs.
ActiveWrap, Inc
ActiveWrap provides quality injury care and prevention wraps to all levels of sports and fitness. Constructed with high quality materials and teamed up with washable, reusable hot-cold thermal packs, ActiveWrap insures superior function and fit.
ADC medical instruments and accessories are carefully designed to meet the rigorous demands of the most discriminating healthcare professionals. ADC offers manual and automatic blood pressure monitors as well as medical, diagnostic and EMT instruments.
Alliance Tech Medical
Alliance Tech Medical offers high quality, affordable flow meters, and inspiratory training devices. Alliance Tech Medical's Mini-Wright and Mini-Wright AFS have been proven by independent testing to be the most accurate, repeatable peak flow meters around.
Ambco is a leading manufacturer of state of the art audiometers used to test hearing. The high quality Ambco audiometers are portable and easy to use, making them ideal for physicians, schools, and industrial clinics.
AmbiMedInc offers single use lancing devices, lancets, and a variety of quality, innovative reusable and disposable diabetic devices. Ideal for hospitals, clinics and the home user, be sure to stock up on all your diabetic and blood sampling needs today at QuickMedical!
Beaumont Products
The Citrus II family of quality citrus-based sanitizing products are ideal for use in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and at home. Choose from a variety of germicidals, skin care, hand cleansers, and mask cleaners.
Bemis Health Care
Since 1971 Bemis Health Care has been addressing the needs of the health care industry by providing high quality products that collect and dispose of medical waste. Bemis Health Care offer a variety of Sharps Containers and Suction Canister Systems to help keep patients, medical staff, and the environment safe.
Bio Med Wash
Bio Med Wash's products consist of a sterile, heavy mist containing 100% Bio-Logic Aqua, an all-natural, pH correct, pure tissue-culture grade water. The mists are designed to provide relief for allergies and dry eyes and to remove matter from cuts and abrasions, as well as chemicals from skin and eyes.
For over 20 years, BiO2 Cosmeceuticals has been a leader in the research and development of advanced skin healing products. BiO2 Cosmeceutical's focus is in developing products that are useable on all skin types, and for patients recovering from skin conditions and procedures. All BiO2 Cosmeceuticals products are made in the USA.
Birchwood Laboratories
Birchwood Laboratories has provided medical products to hospitals, clinics, and patients for 50 years. Birchwood offers high quality protective incontinence products and special care supplies, all 100% manufactured, assembled, and packaged in the USA.
Bovie Medical
Over 80 years ago, Dr. William T. Bovie invented the first electrosurgical generator and successfully utilized it in the operating room. Since then Bovie Medical has been setting the standard for the electrosurgical field with a wide range of state of the art electrosurgical generators and accessories.
Bowman Dispensers
For over 38 years Bowman has been specializing in the design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution of top of the line medical disposable dispensers. Bowman offers a variety of styles ranging from a simple exam glove dispenser all the way to the efficient Respiratory Hygiene / Flu Station.
BSN Fracture Care products are your one source for total fracture care offering, splinting, traditional plaster, as well as synthetic casting material, under cast padding and stockinettes, and cast removal products. BSN Fracture Management Supplies are ideal for emergency rooms, primary care physicians, and urgent care clinics.
Cardionics E-Scope
Cardionics E-Scope Electronic Stethoscopes provide hearing impaired medical professionals with a practical and customizable tool for improving heart and breath sounds during clinical use. Slim and lightweight, the E-Scope stethoscopes use AAA batteries.
Carstens specializes in medical organization solutions, which are designed to optimize the efficiency of your hospital, medical office, or private practice. Carstens Medical Solutions has the answer for your medical computers, medicines, supplies, records, and files. Many Carstens products provide extra peace of mind and security with locking fixtures.
Charder scales and measuring devices are designed not only for accuracy and durability, but also with the comfort of both patient and caregiver in mind. Charder scales and stadiometers offer quality at affordable prices.
Clinton Industries
Clinton Industries meets or exceeds industry specifications with their full line of medical products including: exam tables, cabinetry, blood drawing chairs, seating, bariatric furniture, pediatric tables, and physical therapy and utility equipment.
Founded in 1976, Andover Healthcare is a leading manufacturer of cohesive bandages and dressings for the healthcare, veterinarian and sports medicine industries. Andover Healthcare is committed to creating new innovative products that are all proudly made in the USA.
Covidien Disposable Products are made with pride in the USA and are designed to incorporate performance and cost-efficiency with high volume use. Kendall is dedicated to offering innovative healthcare solutions through ethical behavior and professionalism during the manufacturing and engineering processes. Kendall offers a complete line of disposable medical dressings to suit all needs.
CP Medical
CP Medical has been a leader in the surgical market for over 20 years with a full line of sutures for use in surgical procedures, plastic surgery, dermatology, cardiology and more. All CP Medical products are proudly manufactured in the USA and tested for the highest quality. CP Medical Sutures are available in all the most popular sizes and materials, and in a variety of more specialized designs as well.
DeRoyal is a leading orthotics manufacturer, whose products are found in emergency rooms, orthopedic departments, healthcare clinics, and physical therapy and rehab centers all over the world. DeRoyal offers a diverse range of solutions for providing patients with the best possible care with products including Orthopedic Softgoods, Bracing, Rehabilitation Splints, Patient Protection, and Temperature Therapy.
America's name brand for health care scales for over 100 years, Detecto is dedicated to the development of quality products designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the health care industry. See professional, home, veterinary, and food scales, as well as no-touch waste receptacles.
Dynarex offers medical disposable supplies at an affordable price. These products include wound care supplies, swabsticks, face masks, medical clothing, exam gloves, prep pads and emergency first aid, nursing, gynecology, and urological supplies.
EKF Diagnostics
The world's source for clinical diagnostics, EKF Diagnostics has been developing, manufacturing and distributing high quality products in the U.S. since 1960. EKF Diagnostics offers testing for hemoglobin, Strep A, colorectal cancer screening, pregnancy, and more.
Elkay Plastics
Elkay Plastics was founded in 1968 and offers superior product quality and integrity. A leading manufacturer of flexible packaging, healthcare products from Elkay include bags for laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals, and long term care facilities.
International Enviroguard, located in Mesquite, TX, manufactures a vast selection of personal protective equipment for use in a variety of industries. Their products range from disposable, particulate protective, chemical and flame-resistant coveralls, aprons, and sleeves. International Enviroguard also offers boot and shoe covers, bouffant caps, hair nets, and protective floor coverings. Look to International Enviroguard products to keep your industrial workers safe out in the field.
Fitsi Health assists patients on a journey to good health by providing solutions for greater access to personal items while in a hospital setting.
Germaine Laboratories, Inc.
Germaine Laboratory provides quick, convenient and accurate testing supplies for a range of common aliments. Clinicians will appreciate the ease of use the Germaine tests present and the fact that many of the tests are offered in either cassette or dipstick form. Germaine Labs products, available at Quick Medical, are CLIA waived and ideal for use in the clinical environment.
GermStar is committed to improving infection control standards worldwide through unique touchless dispensing systems. For over a decade, GermStar has been dedicated to conforming to the highest scientific standards in order to offer the most effective hand hygiene on the market. Cutting edge technology provides a unique user interface which simplifies and encourages use in public areas.
GF Health Products, Inc.
Graham Field Health Products cover a wide range of medical supplies and equipment ideal for hospitals to long term care environments. Use brands that are trusted industry leaders such as Lumex, Everest and Jennings, Grafco and Feather to supply your facility with cost effective products.
Glove'n Care
Glove'n Care skin cream is specially formulated for the needs of the health care professional, providing smoothing moisture without leaving hands greasy. Formulated with water based ingredients mined from the mineral rich Dead Sea,, this extremely rich hand cream provides your hands with deep nourishment and hydration. Skin Cream by Glove-n-Care is ideal for nurses, dentists, and any physician who routinely suffers the effects of drying gloves.
Graham Professional
Graham Medical designs innovative, single-use medical products with two primary concerns in mind: patient comfort and performance for the medical professional. Products include exam room disposables, dental disposables, EMS products and spa essentials.
Hand & Hand Medical
Hand & Hand Medical was founded in Northern California by Sharon Devereaux. Determined to provide a simpler, more intuitive, and less stressful system for managing bulb drains during post-op recovery from breast cancer surgery, Hand & Hand developed the BulbPendant bulb drain holder. Hand & Hand Medical continues its efforts towards improving the post surgery recovery process for both patients and hospital personnel.
Hausmann Industries
Hausmann Industries is a leading manufacturer of innovative medical, therapy, and athletic training equipment. Hausmann is committed to reducing their carbon footprint with their Green-Line products. QuickMedical carries a full line of Hausmann products including medical tables, parallel bars, therapy and rehabilitation equipment, bariatric seating, and ProTeam athletic training equipment.
Health o meter
Health o meter's full line of scales satisfies every need of the medical, fitness, and veterinary fields. No matter what the facility or type of patient care, Health o meter provides weight measurements of the highest accuracy.
Healthmark Industries has been in business since 1969 and continues to bring the medical world a wide assortment products for the cleaning, sterilizing, and validation of medical instruments and equipment. Keeping medical facilities hygienic and safe for patients and personnel has never been more important and Healthmark provides the tools for doing so. Browse QuickMedical's selection of Healthmark's Brushes, Trays, Containers, Cleaning Verification Tests, and more.
For over 20 years, the Heelift Suspension Boot by DM Systems has been the standard for the prevention and treatment of heel ulcers. The Heelift line now includes suspension boots, elbow suspension pads and ankle rehabilitation kits ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, and home use. Heellift products are available in sizes from petite to bariatric.
The Hemosure iFOB test is a quick and easy way to test for initial colorectal cancer. In five minutes elevated levels of human hemoglobin as low as 0.05ugHb/ml can be detected and positive results for high levels can be seen as early as one to two minutes.
HR Pharma
Since 1931, HR Pharma lubricating products have been used throughout the medical and veterinary industries. HR Pharma sterile lubricant and ultrasound gel are hypoallergenic, water soluble, and manufactured with only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients, and carry Kosher certification. Popular packaging sizes include single-use packet, bottles, and bulk containers for high-traffic facilities. HR Pharmaceutical products are proudly made in the USA.
IMCO Private Label Products are carefully evaluated, with only the finest medical products being chosen. You can trust the Private Label Brand for high quality and economy. For our best value see the wide range of IMCO disposables, IMCO diagnostics, and IMCO medical seating.
Innovative Healthcare Corporation
Innovative Healthcare Medical Gloves have been known industry-wide for their quality and variety since 1991. Innovative Healthcare manufactures a number of quality glove types that are ideal for medical, dental, industrial, and other professional uses. With a wide range of glove types and materials, IHC is certain to carry gloves with the specific features for your needs.
Jant Pharmacal
Jant Pharmacal Corporation specializes in point-of-care diagnostics, including CLIA-waived rapid tests and instrumentation for physicians' offices, hospitals, and laboratories. Jant Pharmacal provides a full line of products including infectious disease screens, drug and alcohol screening tests, and urinalysis supplies.
Kull Industries has over 35 years of experience making exam room signals. These flag sets feature performance oriented appearance and durability second to none in the marketplace. Kull Industries is the leader for two reasons: quality and value.
Logicmark Home Emergency Alert Systems provide confidence and security for anyone who is alone and in danger of falling or injuring themselves. There are no monthly monitoring fees, service charges, or contracts ever. The two way voice speakerphone pendants work through a base unit to make calls out to 911 and other programmed numbers.
Briggs Healthcare (formerly MABIS Healthcare, Inc.) is a recognized leader in home healthcare patient care and features leading brands such as MABIS and HealthSmart. Products include: blood pressure monitors, hospital precision and diagnostic instruments, and specialty thermometers and stethoscopes.
Maytex Corp
Maytex has produced premium medical disposables for over 20 years. Maytex has a large selection of first-rate Medical Face Masks available at QuickMedical. Maytex Face Masks are perfect for individuals, clinics, hospitals, and in industry and manufacturing. Maytex Face Masks are ideal for use during exams, procedures and anywhere protection from airborne particulates is needed.
Mediana USA
Founded in 1993, Mediana has been specializing in the research, development, and manufacturing of high quality patient monitoring products. Mediana's patient monitors are compact, affordable, and suitable to use in any patient care facility.
Medready has designed and extensively field tested the Medready Automated Medication Dispensers to bring to market pill dispensers with more features, ithat are easier to use, and are available at lower cost than the competition. The Medready timed alarm systems independence and peace of mind for those taking regularly scheduled medications.
MHC Medical products are designed and manufactured to the highest levels of quality at an economical price. Products at QuickMedical include MHC EasyTouch retractable safety syringes and single-use insulin pen needles. MHC also offers pharmacy supplies including ColorSafe prescription vials and ovals for dispensing tablet or liquid medications.
For over 35 years Micro-Scientific, a division of Weiman Products, LLC has been an industry leader in the microbial transmission and cross-contamination prevention field. Micro-Scientific's goal is to exceed customer's expectations and is commited to providing the highest quality surface and surgical instrument cleaners. From surgical equipment detergents to surface cleaners. At Quickmedical we have a great selection of hospital-grade cleaning products from Micro-Scientific to chose from.
Neuro 7
Invented by Dr. Boslough, an emergency room physician and Mr. Lubkeman, an experienced paramedic, the Neuro 7 is designed with the physician in mind. The state of the art Neuro 7 conveniently provides medical practitioners with all the necessary tools to perform a basic neurosensory exam. Accessories are also available.
NexTemp thermometers are designed to reduce the risk of cross infection or reinfection that can occur with other thermometer systems. These affordable thermometers require no special storage conditions, batteries, covers or recalibration processes.
Nipro Medical Corporation
Nipro Medical Corporation is recognized worldwide for innovative design, quality performance, and affordable pricing options. Nipro is committed to providing products that are safe for the medical provider and comfortable for patients, including a variety of hypodermic needles and syringes, hemodialysis needles, blood collection and infusion products, and IV catheters.
With No-Rinse bathing products, professional results are now available for at-home caregivers. No-Rinse products include bathing wipes, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand sanitizer, and odor eliminators.
nSpire Health
nSpire Health develops and manufactures respiratory care products for physicians and home users, including peak flow meters, spirometers, and metered dose inhaler chambers and accessories. nSpire is focused on cardiopulmonary diagnostics and disease management solutions aimed at improving patient care with trusted brands such as PiKo lung health monitor and Pocket asthma care.
Olympic Medical
Olympic Medical, a division of Natus, has been manufacturing professional medical equipment and supplies for over 40 years. Olympic Medical products are distributed throughout the world to hospitals, clinics, and doctors. Products include papoose boards, neonatal immobilizers, patient positioners, warmettes, and infant weighing solutions.
Omron Health Care
Omron Healthcare, Inc. strongly believes in improving the quality of life. Omron strives for excellence in providing quality and accurate products, providing superior customer service and using the latest technology in health products.
Oximeter Plus
Oximeter Plus has a nationwide reputation as a leader in high quality oximetry products at affordable prices. Look at the full line of Fingertip Pulse Oximeters and Lung Trainer's by Oximeter Plus, right here at QuickMedical.
Parker Labs
Established in 1958, Parker Labs is the world's leading producer of ultrasound and electromedical products. Parker's wide array of gels, lotions, creams, solutions, and accessories are available in many sizes and applications to meet every need. All of Parker Laboratories products are made in the USA, at the company offices in Fairfield, New Jersey.
PDI professional disposables help you live a healthier life with clinically proven products that safely clean, disinfect and control disease infection. PDI disposables include alcohol prep pads, swabs, Sani Cloth and Sani Hands wipes, and towelettes.
Pedia Pals offers child-friendly Pediatric Products to entertain and calm children during examination, diagnosis, and treatment. Though whimsical, Pedia Pals Products are serious clinical tools designed specifically for hospitals and clinics.
Personna Medical Blades are specially designed for a variety of surgical and diagnostic procedures. Blades are available in multiple sizes and profiles, with sterile options for safety and convenience. Personna manufactures an array of medical blades specifically for surgical prep, skin biopsies, pathology, microtomes, and other uses.
Polar Ware
Polar Ware is a quality manufacturer of medical equipment for laboratories, surgical centers, hospitals, clinics, and medical offices. QuickMedical carries a large line of Stainless Steel Containers and Utensils, as well as Plastic Patient Products, both reusable and disposable. Polar Ware Medical Products are durable and functional for an array of procedures and applications.
Prodigy Diabetes Care is committed to providing the highest quality diabetes products with great features at an affordable cost. Prodigy has a range of products to help people manage their diabetes, including blood glucose monitors, test strips, lancets, and U-100 syringes, all available at QuickMedical.
Progressive Dynamics
Progressive Dynamics Medical offers innovative products for emergency services, the surgical field and the general healthcare industry. Progressive Dynamics provides a higher standard of care at an increasingly affordable cost, to meet the demands of today's medical professionals. Progressive Dynamics includes surgical site management tools for better organization and less disruption during surgery as well as patient warming blankets ideal for Emergency Medical Services and Post-Anesthesia Care Unit environments.
PTS Diagnostics
PTS Diagnostics Point-of-Care Diagnostics provide fast, accurate diagnostics. The CardioChek is available for home users, while the CardioChek PA is designed for professional use. Test strips, blood collectors, lancets and other accessories are also available. A1cNow+ in multi-test packaging for professional in office A1c hemoglobin testing. Physicians and diabetes patients benefit from on-the-spot treatment decisions.
Puritan Medical is the trusted brand for high quality, single-use applicators. Since 1919, Puritan Medical has been responding to the needs of medical, diagnostic, and industrial customers. Puritan's products include tongue depressors, applicators, and swabs in a huge variety of sizes, styles, and materials to suit any and all uses.
QM Elite
QM Elite Medical Disposables are manufactured exclusively for QuickMedical and offer competitive pricing on medical supplies used every day, including face masks, gloves, gowns, shoe covers, shorts, and caps. QM Elite disposable medical apparel is latex free and manufactured to the highest standards. See our entire line of QM Elite disposables and be sure to ask about samples and bulk price discounts.
RangeMaster specializes in offering therapist-approved products for shoulder rehabilitation and cervical traction. The RangeMaster products are ideal for patients recovering from breast cancer, torn rotator cuff, shoulder surgery, shoulder injury or arthritis at home or in clinical situations.
Riester USA
For over 60 years, Riester has developed and manufactured diagnostic instruments in Germany with state of the art technology to meet the most stringent demands, with constant investment in product benefits such as quality, safety, precision and competitive pricing.
Safetec of America manufactures infection control, hazardous materials cleanup, and first aid products designed to help businesses comply with OSHA, EPA, and DOT requirements. Safetec products are suitable for use in schools, hospitals, industrial facilities, and at home. Safetec manufactures all of its products in the USA.
Building precision scales for more than 170 years, Seca has a wide range of accurate, durable scales including baby, bathroom, animal, platform, wheelchair, stretcher and underbed scales. Other products include stadiometers, height rods and growth charts.
Skintact designs products for EKG, electrosurgery, defibrillation and stimulation. They offer a variety of EKG monitoring tab electrodes, as well as diagnostic electrodes, defibrillator pads, electrosurgical dispersive plates and EKG recording chart paper.
Summit Doppler
Summit Doppler by Wallach Surgical is your primary source for ultrasound Dopplers and vascular diagnostic systems. Summit Doppler is a leading manufacturer of ultrasound Doppler systems used to detect fetal heartbeat and to monitor peripheral arterial and venous blood flow.
Taylor Precision Products, LLC
In business for almost 150 years, Taylor has a reputation for quality performance products. Bathroom scales and body fat analyzers are available in a wide variety of styles and specifications from glass platform to the oversize steel base platform.
Founded in 1954, Telesight Magnifiers continue to manufacture high quality binocular magnifiers for professionals, trades and low vision patients. Telesight makes half-eye and full frame spectacles, clip-on and head mounted visor binocular magnifiers.
Throat Scope
Throat Scope is the leading innovator and manufacturer in lighted tongue depressors. Lighted tongue depressors are ideal for dental offices, hospitals and clinics. Throat Scope's products are available in a variety of quantities to suit any and all uses.
TIDI Products, LLC
TIDI is a leading manufacture of single-use infection prevention products offering a complete line of Personal Protection Equipment, Equipment Barriers and PPE Organizational Storage solutions for Acute, Dental and Alternate Site Care settings. 80 percent of the TIDI products qualify as being 100 percent Made in the USA. TIDI offers high-quality disposable products to meet the budget of any hospital, clinic or care facility.
Founded in 2003, TissueSeal is an American medical and surgical provider headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. TissueSeal is the exclusive importer of a new product to the American market in 2007, Histoacryl, a tissue adhesive that is an ideal suture replacement for emergency medicine and pediatric lacerations.
Tuttnauer USA
Tuttnauer Sterilization Products have been trusted by hospitals, universities, research instititutes and laboratories for over 80 years. Tuttnauer manufactures Ultrasonic Cleaners for cleaning, and Autoclaves for sterilizing, medical instruments and equipment. Water Distillers are also available for use with Autoclaves and Ultrasonics.
Wall Shoulders
Wallshoulders is an ingenious new product that provides an attractive, simple solution for x-ray apron storage. Constructed from a bacteria and stain resistant material, the innovative design provides necessary support for x-ray aprons while not in use.
Welch Allyn
Welch Allyn was founded in 1915 when William Noah Allyn and Dr. Francis Welch developed the first direct illuminating handheld opthalmoscope. Since then, Welch Allyn has expanded their product line to include Scales, Vital Signs Monitors, and Medical Lighting in addition to their wide range of industry leading diagnostic equipment.
Wolf X-Ray Corporation
Wolf X-Ray offers the best in x-ray supplies and equipment, with their reliable, durable products. Products include illuminators, protective apparel and shields, cassettes and intensifying screens, x-ray utility carts, darkroom equipment, and accessories.