Long Term Care and Assisted Living Products

Aids for Daily Living & Aids for Independent Living

Aids for the Kitchen

Browse QuickMedical's selection of kitchen aids including bottle & jar openers, speciality cutlery, bowls, plates, and much more.
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Bathing & Rest Room Aids

Shop our line of bathroom aids including commodes, bath safety rails, transfer benches, and much more!
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Patient Aids

Learn more about QuickMedical's extensive selection of patient aids including shaving cream, shampoo, underpads, odor eliminators and much more.
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Mobility Aids

Shop QuickMedical's line of walkers, wheelchairs, canes, and more perfect for keep seniors independent and mobile.
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Fall Prevention & Patient Monitors for Long Term Care

Gait Belts

Browse our line of Gait Belts to help move and transfer patients with limited mobility safely. Select from brands including Morrrison Medical, Dynarex and FEI.
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Patient Lifts

Choose from dozens of options from top patient lift brands like Brewer, FEI, Graham-Field, and more. QuickMedical is your source for safe patient transfer.
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Cleaners & Disinfectants for for Assisted Living Facilities

Surface Cleaners

Keep your facility clean & hygenic with QuickMedical's line of surface cleaners & disinfectants from top brands like PDI, Surgical Scientific, TIDI, Safetec, and More!
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Germicidal Wipes

Browse QuickMedical's line of germicidal surface and hand wipes from PDI, Safetec, Parker Laboratories, and more!
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Disposable Supplies for Elder Care Facilities

Incontinence Supplies

Shop QuickMedical's line of incontinence supplies for skilled nursing facilities, assisted living centers, and nursing homes including B-Sure Absorbent Incontinence Pads.
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First Aid Supplies

Browse QuickMedical's extensive line of first aid supplies including first aid kits, wound care supplies, bandages, antiseptics, and more!
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Test Strips

QuickMedical carries an enormous line of patient test strips including Glucose Test Strips, Cholesterol Test Strips, Lipid Panels, Urinalysis strips, and much more!
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Syringes & Needles

Shop QuickMedical's extensive line of needles and syringes perfect for any nursing home or senior care facility.
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Infection Prevention for Long Term Care


Keep the supplies you need to prevent infections close at hand with Dispeners and medical protection organizers from QuickMedical.
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Hand Soap

Keep your hands clean and patients safe with antimicrobial hand soaps from top brands like Germstar and Safetec.
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Hand Sanitizer

Do your part to keep your facility infection-free by shopping QuickMedical's line of Hand Sanitizer from high-quality brands like Germstar, Safetec, and many others!
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Sharps Containers

Avoid accidental needle pricks and contamination by properly disposing of sharps in one of QuickMedical's high quality sharps containers.
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Best Selling Brands in Extended Care Facilities