MDF 767K Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

22K Gold-Plated Deluxe Stethoscope
22K Gold-Plated Deluxe Stethoscope
MDF Instruments MDF767K 22K Gold-Plated Deluxe Stethoscope
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Model: MDF767K


  • Latex Free
  • Color: Noir Noir (Black)
  • Accessories Included:
  • 2 extra sets of ComfortSeal eartips
  • Spare adult and pediatric clear PVS diaphragms
  • Pediatric diaphragm assembly
  • Pediatric bell
  • Infant bell
  • ID Tag
MDF767K Gold-Plated Stethoscope
  • 22K gold-plated zinc-alloy convertible chestpiece
  • Dual head allows a choice between diaphragms: adult, pediatric or infant
  • Chestpiece easily switches between adult, pediatric and infant diaphragms
  • Strict manufacturing controls ensure smooth valve rotation
  • Precision valve mechanism provides accurate acoustic transmission
  • High density extruded tubing seals out ambient noise
  • Latex-free PVC tubing resists cracking and sticking
  • Patented 2-in-1 x-configuration tubing preserves acoustic integrity
  • Dual tubes held in place by non-pinching, non-obtrusive gold-plated brass tube clasps
  • Includes two sizes of ComfortSeal Silicone Eartips
  • Eartips are phthalate-free and clear for hygienic purposes
  • Internal dual-leaf spring headset construction for comfort
  • Pre-angled headset constructed of stainless steel
Included Accessories Kit
  • 2 extra sets of ComfortSeal eartips
  • Spare adult and pediatric clear PVS diaphragms
  • Pediatric diaphragm assembly
  • Pediatric bell
  • Infant bell
  • ID Tag
More Details

The 767K Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope by MDF features 22K gold-plating on all metal components. The 767K Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope is a five in one stethoscope. The zinc-alloy chestpiece of the 767K is equipped with a full rotational dual-output acoustic valve stem. The convertible chestpiece allows the user to switch between adult and pediatric-sided diaphragm/bells easily and interchange both sides of the chestpiece with adult and pediatric chestpiece fittings.

The MDF 767K utilizes an X-configuration dual-luman acoustic tubing which eliminates rubbing that can cause acoustic interference. The AccuFit Headset is equipped with ComfortSeal Eartips for comfortable long-term usage and accurate sound.The MDF 757K includes an accessories kit which contains 2 extra sets of ComfortSeal ear tips, a spare adult and a spare pediatric diaphragm, a pediatric diaphragm assembly, a pediatric bell, an infant bell and ID tag.

MDF Instruments have been handcrafted with pride since 1971. Signature MDF quality is backed by a lifetime warranty that protects against defects in materials and craftsmanship. Also offered with the purchase of an MDF Instrument is the MDF Free Parts for Life Program that offers free replacement parts for the life of the instrument. Replacement parts include silicone non-chill and retaining rings, diaphragm, ID Tag and ComfortSeal eartips.

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