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MedPride AmeriDerm AirCare™ Odor Eliminator Spray

Odor Eliminator Spray
Odor Eliminator Spray Refill
Odor Eliminator Spray
MedPride 600 Odor Eliminator Spray
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Model: 600
Model: 605


Case of 48
Case of 4
By: MedPride

Made in USA
  • Absorbs and neutralizes offensive odors on contact
  • Freshens air
  • Non-Aerosol formula
  • 8 oz size has a pump spray bottle for quick application
  • Available in 8 oz and 1 gallon sizes
  • Ideal for institutional, industrial, and household use
  • Sold by the case
  • Proudly made in the USA
More Details

The MedPride AmeriDerm AirCare™ Odor Eliminator is a deodorizer designed to immediately eliminate obnoxious and offensive odors on contact. This odor eliminator is available in two sizes: 8 oz. and 1 gallon. The 8 oz. bottle has a pump which quickly dispenses the spray in a convenient fashion. The AirCare™ spray has a non-aerosol formula. The MedPride AirCare™ odor eliminator has the ability to freshen the surrounding air in addition to destroying odors. This air odor eliminator is perfect for institutional, industrial and household use. MedPride AirCare™ is sold by the case.

AmeriDerm AirCare™ Odor Eliminator is proudly made in the USA.

Size 8 oz 1 Gallon
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This item does not come with a warranty.

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