We are all out of Pandemic supplies - including Face Masks, Gowns, Thermometers, Surface Cleaners, Swabs & Hand Sanitizers. For all other inquiries, please call 425.222.5963 or email qm@cmecorp.com
NOTE: We are all out of pandemic supplies

PDI Surface Cleaner, Hand Hygiene, Skin Antiseptics

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Best-Selling PDI Sani-Cloth Wipes

Browse the most popular PDI Sani-Cloth products, all specifically engineered to meet different needs in both medical and industrial settings where sterility is key.

Surface Cleaners

Stock up on PDI's top quality surface cleaners to ensure that your clinic is properly sanitized.

Skin Prep

Whether in the market for lubricating gel, skin prep pads, or electrode prep supplies, QuickMedical supplies the best of PDI's inventory.


Control disease and infection with PDI professional antiseptic disposables.