Physical Therapy Products & Rehabilitation Products

Rehabilitation Products for Physical Therapists

Browse QuickMedical's extensive line of rehab products perfect for physical therapy practices from brands like Clinton, Hausmann, and more!

Ankle Rehabilitation

Shop Ankle Resistance therapy products from Heelift and Fabrication Enterprises. Prices start from $13.95.
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Balance Trainers

Shop QuickMedical's line of Balance Trainers and Stabilty Trainers from Fabrication Enterprises.
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Cold Therapy & Hot Therapy

Learn more about QuickMedical's line of products for Hot Therapy and Cold Therapy from top brands like ActiveWrap, Avcor, DeRoyal, and Dynarex.
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Hand Therapy

Shop for Hand Therapy equipment and supplies from QuickMedical's extensive line of items from Clinton, Graham-Field, and Hausmann.
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Leg Traction Equipment

Learn more about Leg Traction equipment from Morrison Medical and DeRoyal. Prices start from $12.69.
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Moist Heat Therapy

Shop QuickMedical's line of Moist Heat Therapy products from Graham-Field and Fabrication Enterprises including heat pads and hydrocollators.
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Quadricep Boards

Browse QuickMedical's array of quadricep boards from Fabrication Enterprises. Prices start from $76.90.
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Range of Motion Exercisers

Learn more about Range of Motion Exercisers by FEI. Prices start from just $61.90.
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Shoulder Therapy

Browse QuickMedical's large line of shoulder therapy products from top brands like RangeMaster, Hausmann, Clinton, and more!
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Ultrasound Therapy

Learn more about FEI's line of 2 and 4 channel Ultrasound Therapy equipment.
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Fitness & Strengh-Building Equipment for Physical Therapists

Browse QuickMedical's extensive selection of exercise and fitness products perfect for the physical therapy practice.

Exercise Balls

Shop QuickMedical's selection of exercise balls from Clinton Industries, Fabrication Enterprises, and Hausmann Industries.
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Exercise Mats

Browse our selection of exercise mats available in multiple colors and sizes from top brands like Fabrication Enterprises and Clinton Industries.
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Resistance Bands

Shop QuickMedical's line of Resistance Bands available in multiple colors and resistance levels.
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Exercise Weights

Learn more about QuickMedical's extensive line of exercise weights including disc weight sets, cuff weights, pulley weights, and much more.
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Patient Positioners for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Shop for patient positioners and positioning equipment from top brands like Goal Medical, Olympic Medical, Fabrication Enterprises and more!

Wedges, Pillows, & Bolsters

Shop Bolsters, Wedges, and pillows perfect for physical therapists trying to properly position their patients.
Shop Wedges, Pillows, and Bolsters

Gait Belts

Browse Gait Belts from Top Brands like Fabrication Enterprises, Morrison Medical, and Dynarex.
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Pediatric Positioiners

Shop QuickMedical's extensive selection of positioning products for pediatric patients from Fabrication Enterprises.
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Transfer Boards & Turntables

Browse our wide selection of transfer boards and turntables from top brands like Hausmann, Graham-Field, and Fabrication Enterprises.
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Testing & Measurement Devices Popular with Physiotherapists

Shop QuickMedical's line of testing supplies and measurement tools for Physical Therapists and Rehabilitation Specialists from top quality brands like Fabrication Enterprises, Seca, Detecto, QuickMedical, and many others!


Browse QuickMedical's selection of digital dynamometers and analog dynamometers from high quality brands like Charder and Fabrication Enterprises.
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Hand Strength Evaluation Kits

Learn more about QuickMedical's line of Hand Strength Evaluation Kits from Fabrication Enterprises.
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Shop our selection of high quality goniometer range of motion measurement devices.
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Browse QuickMedical's extensive selection of Medical Analog Inclinometers and Medical Digital Inclinometers from Fabrication Enterprises.
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Browse QuickMedical extensive line of scales for medical facilities and healthcare practices of all varieties -- including rehabilitation and physical therapy.
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Measuring Tapes

Shop QuickMedical's enormous selection of medical measuring tapes available from QuickMedical, Seca, ADC, and more.
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Muscle Testers

Learn more about muscle testing tools from Fabrication Enterprises line of Digital Muscle Testers.
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Pinch Gauges

Shop QuickMedical's line of top-notch pinch gauges perfect for measuring finger flexion and extension in physical therapy practices.
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Charts, Models, & Educational Products for Physical Therapists

Shop anatomical charts, bone models, muscle models, and organ models from top brands like Fabrication Enterprises.

Bone Models

Shop skeletal models from Fabrication Enterprises available in full body versions or area-specific models.
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Muscle Models

Browse QuickMedical's extensive line of Muscle Models perfect for physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists.
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Organ Models

Shop our extensive line of organ models from Fabrication Enterprises at the lowest prices online.
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Anatomical Charts

Shop QuickMedical's line of anatomical charts from top brands like Fabrication Enterprises.
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Furniture for a Physical Therapy Practice

Shop exam tables, treatment tables, equipment storage, seating and much more from QuickMedical's enormous line of furniture for use in Physical Therapy Practices and Rehabilitation Practices.

Chiropractic Treatment Tables

Shop QuickMedical's selection of Chiropractic Treatment tables from Fabrication Enterprises including multi section and single section tables.
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Exercise Equipment Storage

Shop for the perfect storage equipment for your exercise weights from QuickMedical's extensive selection of storage equipment from Clinton & Hausmann.
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Tables for Physical Therapy & Rehab

Shop tables designed for physical therapy from Clinton, Hausmann, and Fabrication Enterprises.
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Warming Cabinets

Shop Summit Appliance's line of warming cabinets perfect for physical therapy, clinics, hospitals, and more!
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Weight Racks

Shop QuickMedical's line of weight racks for physical therapy and rehab practices starting at just $151.01.
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Seating & Storage for Physical Therapy

Save space by combining storage with seating from top brands like Hausmann and Clinton.
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Top Selling Brands to Physical Therapists