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Cardio Chek Lipid Panel Test Strips - 15 per Pack

Lipid Panel - 15 per Pack
Lipid Panel - 15 per Pack
PTS Diagnostics 1710 Lipid Panel - 15 per Pack
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Model: 1710


For use with Cardiochek PA Only

Made in USA
  • CLIA Waived
  • USA Sales Only
  • Use 40ul blood collector
  • 15 test strips per pack
  • MEMo chip in each package
  • Tests total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and calculated LDL cholesterol
  • Test takes about 2 minutes to obtain results
  • Requires 35-40 ul of whole blood to perform test
  • Test strip works on the CardioChek PA Only
  • Cholesterol measuring range from 50 to 400 mg/dL
  • HDL cholesterol measuring range from 20 to 120 mg/dL
  • Triglycerides measuring range from 25 to 500 mg/dL
  • CLIA Waived
  • CPT Code - 80061QW
More Details

A reliable and accurate lipid point-of-care test method enables healthcare professionals to easily test and immediately counsel their patients on lipid-lowering therapies, to understand their risk for developing coronary heart disease, their medication regimen, and the benefits of long-term persistence of therapy.

A new lipid panel test, PTS Panels Lipid Panel Test Strips, provides lipid results (total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, as well as calculated LDL cholesterol and TC/HDL ratio) from a single drop of blood, when run on the PTS CardioChek PA test system. CardioChek PA is a portable whole blood test system that uses reflectance photometry to determine three lipid concentrations on a single test strip. The system calculates LDL cholesterol levels using the Friedewald equation through the use of total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and triglycerides levels. Lipid Panel Test Strips have a cholesterol measuring range from 50 to 400 mg/dL, HDL cholesterol range from 20 to 120 mg/dL, and triglycerides range from 25 to 500 mg/dL.

PTS Panels Lipid Panel Test Strips are CLIA Waived. This classification establishes that the PTS Lipid Panel Test Strip provides accurate, reliable and timely patient test results.

Blood Sample Required 35-40 uL whole blood (fingerstick or venous)
Test Range Total Cholesterol 50 to 400 mg/dL
Test Range Triglycerides 25 to 500 mg/dL
Test Time Approximately 2 min
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40uL Glass / Plastic Capillary Blood Collectors
Bag of 16
  • Use with CHOL+HDL, CHOL+HDL+GLU, Lipid, and Metabolic test strips
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