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Riester Ri-Cardio 1760 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Medical Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
Medical Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
Riester USA 1760 Medical Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
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Model: 1760
  • Made In Germany
  • Latex Free
  • 1760 Ri-Cardio Includes:
  • Ri-Cardio 24-hour sphygmomanometer
  • 1 - Adult blood pressure cuff
  • 1 - Adult large blood pressure cuff
  • 1 - Carry case
  • 1 - Patient belt
  • Software CD
  • USB interface cable
  • 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • Instruction booklet
Portable 24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Motion-tolerant technology for accurate 24-hour readings
  • Uses technology certified by the BHS, EHS, and AAMI
  • Light and compact design
  • Quiet pump operation
  • Flash memory compatible with multiple patient profiles
  • Patented, form fitting, slip-resistant cuff with artery indicator
  • Machine-washable cuff, belt, and pouch
  • May be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth
  • Latex free
  • PVC free
  • Ideal for diagnosis and management of hypertension in patients 13 years or older
Software Features
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows®
  • Single-screen programming
  • Automated analysis in accordance with AHA, ESH, or JNC 7 guidelines
  • Customizable reports
  • Automatic analysis for iatrogenic hypertension
  • Support for multiple patient profiles
  • PDF reports compatible with some EMR systems
  • English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian language support
1760 Ri-Cardio Includes
  • Ri-Cardio 24-hour sphygmomanometer
  • 1 - Adult blood pressure cuff
  • 1 - Adult large blood pressure cuff
  • 1 - Carry case
  • 1 - Patient belt
  • Software CD
  • USB interface cable
  • 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • Instruction booklet
Ideal for Diagnosis and Management
  • White-coat hypertension
  • Resistant hypertension
  • Masked hypertension
  • Childhood hypertension
  • Efficacy of anti-hypertensive drug therapy on a 24-hour basis
  • Nocturnal hypertension
  • Episodic hypertension and/or anxiety disorders
  • Hypotensive symptoms
  • Changes in diet and daily routine designed to reduce hypertension
  • Hypertension in pregnancy
More Details

The Riester Ri-Cardio 1760 Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (ABPM) allows healthcare professionals to accurately monitor a patient's blood pressure over a 24-hour time period. Motion-tolerant technology, clinically validated accuracy, and a lightweight design set the Riester 1760 apart from other 24 hour blood pressure monitors.

The Ri-Cardio 1760 uses digitally-automated oscillometry to accurately measure blood pressure up to 260 mmHg. This Portable BP Monitor uses technology clinically validated by three internationally-recognized standards: the British Hypertension Society (BHS), the European Society of Hypertension (EHS), and the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI).

Unlike home or in-clinic blood pressure monitors, 24 hour monitors allow medical professionals to estimate true blood pressure and chart patterns of variation. These measurements are ideal for diagnosing and managing the different forms of hypertension. To further aid measurement accuracy, Ri-Cardio Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors are engineered to make the measuring process as unobtrusive as possible. The internal pump is quiet, for minimal sleep disturbance. Motion-tolerant technology reduces failed readings and resulting re-inflations. The BP Monitor even inflates just above previous systolic measurements, shortening subsequent measurement times.

Comfort is key whenever patient compliance is important: blood pressure readings are only valid if the cuffs remain in place. Weighing just over 8 oz (236 g), the Ri-Cardio Blood Pressure Monitor is designed for patient comfort. The patented Orbit™ Blood Pressure Cuffs have a form-fitting, slip-resistant sleeve which reduces slipping or sliding during patient movement. The sleeves are made of soft, latex-free and pvc-free materials. Adult Large and Adult Extra Large Cuffs are curved for a conforming fit that stays in place.

Programming the Ri-Cardio Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor is simple. The 1760 Monitor syncs to a personal computer via USB Interface. Once synced, the user can utilize the included software to customize the test for the patient. When the test is complete, the user can sync the unit again to retrieve the data. The Ri-Cardio collects and analyzes a wide range of blood pressure data, including blood pressure, heart rate, pulse amplitude, mean arterial pressure, and blood pressure stress. The software analyzes this data, compiling reports of the test results. Customizable report templates can be catered for the desired data, and printable reports include a header that can be personalized with unique content and logo. The Ri-Cardio Software supports multiple patient profiles, even noting medications information for each.

The Riester 1760 Ri-Cardio includes the Ri-Cardio Blood Pressure Monitor, two Orbit™ Blood Pressure Cuffs, a carry case with belt, the Ri-Cardio Software CD, 4 AA alkaline batteries, and a user manual. The Riester 1760 is latex-free and is suitable for adults 13 years and older.

Adult Cuff Circumference 9.8 to 13.8" (25 to 35 cm)
Battery Life 48 hrs
Blood Pressure Measurement Method Oscillometric with step deflation
Blood Pressure Measurement Range 25 to 260 mmHg (max inflate 280 mmHg)
Computer Port Types USB (Included), RS232 Serial (Not Included)
Dimensions 4.7" x 2.8" x 1.3" (120 x 70 x 32 mm) LxWxH
Heart Rate Measurement Range 40 to 200 bpm
Large Adult Cuff Circumference 13 to 15.7" (33 to 40 cm)
Memory Capacity 250 Readings
Power (2) AA Batteries (Included)
Weight 8.3 oz (236g) Including Batteries
Riester Ri-Cardio Warranty

The manufacturer warrants that this product is free from defects in material and workmanship. The monitor is covered for a period of 2 years, the blood pressure cuffs are covered for a period of 1 year, and accessories are covered for a period of 90 days. Liability under this warranty covers servicing of the instruments when returned from the customer's facility prepaid to the prospective factory depending on location. Riester will repair any component(s) or part(s) that it finds to be defective during the period of this limited warranty. Should a defect become apparent, the original purchaser should notify Rudolf Riester GmbH of the suspected defect.

30 Day Return Policy

This product has a 30-day money back guarantee. Simply call QuickMedical Customer Service at 425-222-5963 for a return authorization number and instruction on where to ship the return. All returns must be authorized and in original packaging.

Restock Fee

If returned, this product's manufacturer may charge a restocking fee of 25%.

To avoid factory restock fees, please consult with a QuickMedical sales associate to insure the product meets your needs. On site demos or factory approved trial and evaluations can be arranged, and may reduce or eliminate restocking fees.