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Seca 206 Body Measuring Tape with Wall Stop

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  • Measurement Range: 0 - 87 inches
  • Measures In: Inches
  • A space saving solution with roll-up mechanism
  • Uncomplicated fixing on wall with just one screw
  • Easy to read height through the display window in the head piece
  • The durable tape is made of metal
  • Ideal for pediatrics, orthopedics, medical practices, pharmacies and fitness studios

The Seca 206 Bodymeter Measuring Tape with Wall Stop is an economical stadiometer that rolls up out of the way in its own compact case, just like a steel tape measure. This Seca 206 Measuring Tape's automatic metal tape measure is permanently wall mounted. Just pull down and read through the tape window instantly. The Seca 206 Body Measuring Tape has a measuring range of 0 inches to 87 inches or 0 to 220 centimeters and is available in either inch measurements or centimeter measurements.

QuickMedical SKU QM305000
Manufacturer Seca
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