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Seca 286 High Capacity Scale with Sonar Stadiometer

Professional Medical Scale with Sonar Stadiometer
Professional Medical Scale with Sonar Stadiometer
Seca 286 Professional Medical Scale with Sonar Stadiometer
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Demos are for Health Care or Commercial use only.
By: Seca
  • Weight capacity of 660 lbs (300 kg)
  • Touchless weight and height measuring
  • Stadiometer uses 3 sets of ultrasonic sensors and measure 10 times every 200 milliseconds
  • Presents results on display and audibly
  • Users can turn off audible and/or visual results
  • Optional voice guidance system minimizes work for staff
  • Simultaneously displays weight, height, and BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Touchscreen display is easy to use
  • Measures automatically once patient steps on scale
  • Measures in just a few seconds
  • Graduation of 0.1 lbs (50 g)
  • Measures height from 23(5/8)" to 82(5/8)"
  • Height graduation of 0.05" (1 mm)
  • Weight measurements in lbs or kg
  • Height measurements in inches or cm
  • Additional functions include tare, pre-tare, hold, auto-hold, mother/child, and more
  • Optional Keylock function prevents patients from altering device settings
  • EMR compatibility
  • Optional printout describes patient's nutritional condition based on BMI
  • Compatible with Seca's 360° wireless technology
  • Capable of connecting via Seca Directprint - See Downloads Section
  • Wireless printer available, see Accessories below
  • Constant calibration eliminates need for pre-measure calibration
  • Column constructed from aluminum
  • Platform constructed from safety glass
  • Safety glass has a non-slip tread
  • Privacy cover for discreet result viewing
  • Includes informational poster as a guide
  • White LED located on the measurement head indicates ready for use
  • Includes Power Adapter
More Details

The Seca 286 High Capacity Scale with Ultrasonic Stadiometer allows medical facilities to measure the weight and height of patients simply by having them step on the platform. The entire process for measuring weight, height, and body mass index (BMI) is completely touchless. Once a patient steps on the scale, results are presented in a just a few seconds. The Professional Medical Scale with Digital Height Rod is ideal for all medical clinics and fitness centers.

The Digital Physician Scale features a unique Ultrasonic Stadiometer which uses sound waves to measure a patient's height. Unlike traditional height rods, users do not have to adjust a head piece. The Height Rod can measure as low as 1 ft 12" and high as 6 ft 10" (60 to 210 cm). The Medical Scale with Height Rod has a weight capacity of 660 lbs (300 kg) with a graduation of 0.1 lbs (50 g). Users can select whether they want results to be presented in imperial (lbs/inches) or metric (kg/cm) units.

The Stadiometer uses 3 pairs of ultrasonic sensors for accurate and reliable results. Internal measurements are performed 10 times every 200 milliseconds in order to account for any discrepancies. The unit is constantly self-calibrating so users never have to worry about forgetting to calibrate.

The Professional Scale features an optional voice guidance system which eliminates the need for staff to give directions every time a patient is measured. At the top of of the unit is a white LED which indicates when the Scale is ready for use. Users can receive results either visually on the display and/or audibly through a speaker. Either method can also be turned off for privacy. The easy to use touch screen can simultaneously display weight, height, and BMI. Additional features for the Professional Scale include: Tare, Pre-Tare, Hold, Send, Print, and a function for weighing mothers and their newborns.

The Seca 286 has been designed to be compatible with existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems through Seca's downloadable software. Users can send results from the Seca 286 to any personal computer that has a Seca 456 wireless receiver. Customers who purchase the Seca 286 but do not already have a Seca 456 wireless receiver can receive one free of charge from Seca after registering their product. Optional printers are available for use alongside the Seca 286 - See ACCESSORIES below.

The durable column is constructed from aluminum while the platform is constructed from safety glass. The glass platform has a non-slip tread to prevent patients from falling. A privacy cover on the display helps keep measurements discreet when preferred while an optional key lock on the display can be used by staff to prevent patients from changing the unit settings. The Professional Scale includes an informational poster to help guide users. An AC Power adapter is included with the Seca 286 Medical Scale.

Base Dimensions 16.9" x 14.4" x 2.4" (430 x 365 x 60 mm) WxDxH
Dimensions 17.1" x 18.3" x 89.4" (434 x 466 x 2270 mm) WxDxH
Height Graduation 0.05" (1 mm)
Height Measuring Range 24" to 82" (60 to 210 cm)
No. of Ultrasonic Sensors 3
Weight 36.5 lbs (16.5 kg)
Weight Capacity 660 lbs (300 kg)
Weight Graduation 0.1 lbs (50 g)
SECA 2 Year Warranty

SECA offers a two-year warranty from date of delivery applies to defects attributable to poor materials or workmanship. All moveable parts, batteries, cables, mains units, recharge-able batteries etc. are excluded. Defects which come under warranty will be made good for the customer at no charge on production of the receipt. No further claims can be entertained. The costs of transport in both directions will be borne by the customer should the equipment be located anywhere other than the customer's premises. In the event of transport damage, claims under warranty can be honored only if the complete original packaging was used for any transport and the scale secured and attached in that packaging just as it was when originally packed. All the packaging should therefore be retained.

A claim under warranty will not be honored if the equipment is opened by persons not expressly authorized by SECA to do so.

We would ask our customer's abroad to contact their local sales agent in the event of a warranty matter.

30 Day Return Policy

This product has a 30-day money back guarantee. Simply call QuickMedical Customer Service at 425-222-5963 for a return authorization number and instruction on where to ship the return. All returns must be authorized and in original packaging.

Restock Fee

If returned, this product's manufacturer may charge a restocking fee of up to 20%.

To avoid factory restock fees, please consult with a QuickMedical sales associate to insure the product meets your needs. On site demos or factory approved trial and evaluations can be arranged, and may reduce or eliminate restocking fees.