Seca 514 / 264 Medical Body Composition Analyzer System

Complete Body Analysis System
Complete Body Analysis System
Seca 514/264 KIT Complete Body Analysis System
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By: Seca
  • Seca 514 mBCA Medical Body Composition Analyzer
  • Seca 264 Wall Mounted Wireless Digital Stadiometer
  • Height rod sends height measurements to analyzer automatically
  • Highly accurate analyzer and stadiometer pairing allows for clinical grade results
Medical Body Composition Analyzer
  • Measures intra/extracellular water, body fat, skeletal muscle mass
  • Clinically validated accuracy compares to scientific gold standards used in clinical studies
  • Weight capacity of 660 lbs (300 kg)
  • Reproducible measurements ensure accuracy
  • Hand-held electrodes mounted in standing aid for enhanced stability
  • Provides measurements in 20 seconds or less
  • mBCA utilizes four comparative methods to achieve precise results
  • 8.4 inch touch screen display for convenient use with wireless 360 software
  • mBCA 514 is equipped with Seca wireless 360 for EMR transmission
  • Touch screen display may be rotated 360 degrees for physician to patient sharing and discussion
  • Large, easy access weighing platform constructed of safety glass for easy cleaning
  • Automatic electrode detection - makes measurement only when all electrodes are properly contacted
  • Includes Seca Analytics 115 software for transmission of data from mBCA to PC
Wall Mounted Wireless Digital Stadiometer
  • Sends height measurements to mBCA scale wirelessly
  • Data can be wirelessly transmitted to printer, PC, or scale
  • Measuring range of 11" to 7' 2"
  • Frankfurt line on headpiece ensures an accurate height measurement
  • Easy to read display is mounted to side of headpiece
  • Ready for use with electronic medical records
  • Ideal for all patients, from children to adults
  • Easy glide headpiece for simple height adjustment
  • Non-slip rubber mat and heel positioner on platform
  • White LCD backlight display
  • Reads centimeters and inches
  • Automatic calibration, data sending, and printing
More Details

Your 514 Seca Body Composition Analyzer and 264 Stadiometer will be shipped to you free of charge with white glove delivery included - a savings to you of $500 for the white glove delivery in addition to waiving all trucking fees. Your delivery will include freight truck service to your location. A two-man team will transport the item from the truck and inside your facility, with placement, unpacking, and debris removal. White glove delivery does not include any additional assembly or installation that may be required.

The Seca 514 / 264 Medical Body Composition Analysis System offers a Medical Body Composition Analyzer with a precision Wireless Wall Mounted Stadiometer for clinically validated accuracy in calculating body fat mass, fat free mass, total body water, extracellular water, skeletal muscle mass, lean soft tissue and more. The Stadiometer provides highly accurate height measurements to ensure that the body composition analysis is based on concrete, objective dimensions. Height measurements are transferred to the body composition analyzer wirelessly for simplicity and ease of use.

Seca's Body Composition Analysis System provides precision in height measurements from 11 inches to over 7 feet. The Seca 264 Wireless Stadiometer features an aluminum measuring rod and easy glide headpiece with Frankfurt line. Designed for permanent wall mounting, the Seca 264 Stadiometer provides highly accurate results required for a clinical grade body composition analysis. The Wireless Stadiometer emphasizes safety with its non-slip rubber mat and heel positioner. The Seca 264 promotes battery life with an automatic switch off and offers a modern, sleek design with white backlight LCD display. The Seca 264 Wall Mounted Stadiometer offers an array of other convenient features including reset, zero setting and hold as well as automatic calibration, automatic send and automatic print. The Seca 264 Stadiometer easily converts between centimeters and inches.

The Medical Body Composition Analysis system includes a Seca 514 Medical Body Composition Analyzer that links wirelessly with the 264 Height Rod. The 514 Analyzer offers a sleek, attractive design with intuitive controls for good looks and easy use. The Seca Body Composition Analyzer compares with scientific gold standard calculations including air displacement plethysmography, deuterium dilution, dual energy x-ray absorptiometry and sodium bromide dilution. The mBCA514's platform is crafted from safety glass and fitted with electrodes to conduct bioelectrical impedance analysis and guide foot placement for reproducible results. The mBCA 514 also offers hand-held electrodes mounted in the analyzer's standing aid for an easy grip and patient stability. The Seca mBCA is equipped with automatic electrode detection to ensure the patient is making proper contact with each electrode before a measurement is taken for unquestionable accuracy.

The Seca Medical Body Composition Analyzer is fitted with an 8.4 inch touch screen display capable of swiveling 360 degrees for patient-physician discussion of results. The mBCA Analyzer Scale features Seca's state of the art wireless 360 EMR interfacing system allowing instant data transfer and effortless patient tracking. Also included with the mBCA 514 is Seca's analytic software: Seca Analytics 115. This program allows physicians to send data from the mBCA514 to a PC and create visual presentations, store patient data and more. The Seca 514 offers a 660 lb weight capacity with a large platform to accommodate virtually all patients, regardless of size. Providing measurements in 20 seconds or less, Seca's Body Composition Analyzer is convenient and easy to use for medical professionals and patients alike. A combination of cutting edge technology, precision measurement and an easy to use interfacing allow physicians to extrapolate data and provide guidance to patients of all lifestyles.

Analyzer Dimensions 38.4" x 49.3" x 32.6" (97.5 x 125.2 x 82.8 cm) WxHxD
Analyzer Display 8.4" touch screen; rotates 360°
Analyzer Graduation 50 g
Analyzer Measurement Current 100 microamps
Analyzer Measurement Method 8 point bioelectrical impedance analysis
Analyzer Measurement Time 20 sec maximum
Analyzer Platform Material Safety Glass
Analyzer Weight 143 lbs
Analyzer Weight Capacity 660 lbs (300 kg)
Dimensions 18.7" x 16.9" x 91.3" (47.5 x 42.93 x 231.9 cm) LxWxH
Display Type 8.4" touch screen; rotates 360°
Graduation 0.05" (1 mm)
Height Range 11 to 7 ft 2"
Measurement Time 20 sec maximum
Overall Dimensions 38.4" x 32.6" x 49.3" (97.5 x 125.2 x 82.8 cm) WxDxH
Platform Dimensions 14.6" x 16.9" x 0.1" (37.08 x 42.93 x 0.25 cm) LxWxH
Power (4) AA Batteries (Included) or AC Adapter (Not Included)
Stadiometer Data Transmission Seca 360 Wireless Technology
Stadiometer Dimensions 18.7" x 16.9" x 91.3" (47.5 x 42.93 x 231.9 cm) LxWxH
Stadiometer Graduation 0.05" (1 mm)
Stadiometer Height Range 11 to 7 ft 2"
Stadiometer Platform Dimensions 14.6" x 16.9" x 0.1" (37.08 x 42.93 x 0.25 cm) LxWxH
Stadiometer Power (4) AA Batteries (Included) or AC Adapter (Not Included)
Stadiometer Weight 50 lbs (22 kg)
Seca 2 Year Warranty

There is a two year warranty period from delivery for defects that are due to material or fabrication errors. All moving parts, including batteries, cables, network devices, rechargeable batteries, etc are exempted from this. Defects that fall under the warranty will be repaired for the customer free of charge by presenting proof of purchase. Additional claims cannot be considered.

Costs for the transport back and forth are at the expense of the customer if the device is located somewhere other than the customer's location. In case of transport damage, warranty claims can only be made if the complete original packaging was used for transport and the device was secured and fastened therein according to its originally packaged condition. Therefore, keep all packaging parts.

Warranty is voided if the device is opened by persons not expressly authorized by Seca to do so.

All software and firmware updates will be provided by seca at no charge for the life of the system.

Seca Return Policy
Restock Fee

If returned, this product's manufacturer may charge a restocking fee of up to 20%.

To avoid factory restock fees, please consult with a QuickMedical sales associate to insure the product meets your needs. On site demos or factory approved trial and evaluations can be arranged, and may reduce or eliminate restocking fees.


Wireless Printer (Uses Thermal Paper and Labels)
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Wireless Printer (Uses Thermal Paper)
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