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Seca 491 BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator
BMI Calculator
Seca 491 BMI Calculator
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Model: 491
By: Seca

  • Color: White
  • 55mm x 97 mm x 10 mm dimensions
  • White in color
  • Can also be used as a regular pocket calculator
More Details

BMI Calculator - In diagnostics, body mass index (BMI) is an essential value for determining a person's state of nutrition. BMI puts height in relation to weight and thus provides information about whether that person is overweight, of normal weight or underweight. Against a background of a steadily increasing number of overweight people, international experts are of the opinion that this value will become more and more important in future.

Overweight and obesity are proven to be capable of causing secondary diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) is now even talking about an obesity epidemic. This is why overweight and obesity are considered the greatest challenges to the health sector at the moment. In order to simplify diagnostics for doctors with scales without automatic BMI calculation, Seca has launched the Seca 491 BMI calculator. Once height in feet (ft) or inches (in) and weight in pounds (lbs) have been entered, the BMI Calculator automatically calculates BMI at the touch of a button. Entries can also be made in meters and kilograms.

The Seca 491 BMI Calculator can also be used as a normal pocket calculator. The BMI Calculator has all four basic calculation functions and an eight-digit display. Energy is provided by a solar cell and a battery in case there is insufficient light in the room to allow solar-powered operation. The calculator is about 55 mm wide by 97 mm high and 10 mm deep. The Seca 491 BMI Calculator is also indispensable in residential care, as documentation of BMI is recommended.

Dimensions 55 x 97 x 10 mm
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