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Skintact Pediatric EKG Monitoring Electrodes

Pediatric Monitoring EKG Electrode, Solid Gel, Foam Back
EKG Pediatric Electrode, Solid Gel, Paper Back
Pediatric Electrode with Sold Gel Adhesive and Foam Backing
Pediatric Tab Electrode with Solid Gel Adhesive
Pediatric Monitoring EKG Electrode, Solid Gel, Foam Back
SkinTact F-301 Pediatric Monitoring EKG Electrode, Solid Gel, Foam Back
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Model: F-301
Model: RT-14









30 Electrodes/Pouch, 50 Pouches/Box
100 Electrodes/Pouch, 5 Pouches/Box
By: SkinTact
  • Aqua-Tac solid adhesive gel
  • Quick pick up even if inadequate skin prep is carried out
  • 100 percent skin surface contact
  • Easy to tear open pouches that can be folded over after use
  • Gel requires no clean up after the EKG
  • Quick and easy stripping away of electrodes from backing liner
  • Backing materials protect sensor and gel from surgical and cleaning fluids
  • Manufactured and packaged for maximum shelf life
  • Environmentally friendly and disposable through standard waste procedures
  • F-301 available with stainless steel stud connector
  • F-301 available with foam backing that provides maximum flexibility
  • RT-14 available with tab connector
  • RT-14 available with PET/paper backing
  • RT-14 assembled on convenient card of 10 electrodes for quick application
  • Latex-free
More Details

Skintact Pediatric EKG Electrodes are crafted with materials and component parts that produce high quality recordings on all types of patients. The innovative Aqua-Tac hydrogel on the Pediatric Electrodes offers the benefits of both wet and solid adhesives: quick signal pick up, even with inadequate skin prep, consistently high quality recordings during long term monitoring, and minimal skin reactions. Additionally, the gel is cured when the electrode is manufactured to prevent dry out and ensure the freshest possible electrodes with superior electrical properties and 100 percent skin surface contact.

Skintact Pediatric EKG Electrodes feature connectors made from the finest quality stainless steel to ensure a continuous unbroken electrical pathway from the skin to the EKG machine. The F-301 EKG Electrodes have a protective foam backing layer ideal for either pediatric monitoring or demanding applications that test electrode stability, such as anesthesia, emergency care, and stress tests. The thin foam material permits maximum flexibility while protecting the sensor and gel from surgical and cleaning fluids. Designed for 12-Lead Resting Diagnostic EKG's and suitable for all types of patients, the RT-14 Electrodes feature Skintact's Easitab backing and connector system which offers an easy to use electrode that still provides high quality recordings. The Disposable Easitab Electrodes offer superior safety by eliminating the cross infection associated with the bacteria and fungi that can breed on older style suction electrodes. The RT-14 Electrodes have a contact design that prevents lift-off but also feels soft on skin and can be comfortably removed without loss of hair.

The Disposable Skintact Pediatric Electrodes are environmentally friendly and are available with prep and clip aids to further facilitate EKG performance - See accessories below.

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