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ActCel Hemostatic Gauze

Hemostatic Gauze - 2x2 inches
Hemostatic Gauze - 2x4 inches
Hemostatic Gauze - 4x4 inches
Hemostatic Gauze - 2x2 inches
ActCel HG020022 Hemostatic Gauze - 2x2 inches
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Prescription Required for Home Consumers
Medical Professionals Sales Only
Box of 20
By: ActCel
  • Prescription Required
  • Sterile
  • Collagen-like natural substance created from chemically treated cellulose
  • Helps control bleeding from external topical wounds
  • A must have for Coumadin users
  • Dissolves into saline and glucose over one to two weeks
  • Non-Resorbable
Hemostatic Gauze Indications
  • Topical wounds
  • External surface bleeding
  • Minor cuts and lacerations
  • For external use only
More Details

ActCel Hemostatic Gauze by Coreva is a collagen-like natural substance created from chemically treated cellulose. ActCel Hemostatic Gauze is a non-resorbable clotting agent indicated for the management of topical wounds and the temporarily control of surface bleeding.

ActCel Hemostatic Gauze is hypoallergenic and contains no chemical additives, thrombin or collagen. When non-resorbable hemostatic gauze contacts blood and other bodily fluids it expands three to four times the original size. ActCel Gauze will convert to a gel that self-dissolves into glucose and saline over a one to two week period if not removed. ActCel Hemostatic Gauze may be easily removed from a wound if necessary by simply applying water to the gauze; the dressing will dissolve immediately. ActCel is manufactured from pure, natural materials allowing for an all natural healing process. Despite common appearance, other hemostatic gauzes may be composed of chemicals which inhibit the healing process.

Research proves ActCel effectively reduces clotting time by accelerating the formation of fibrin cross-linkages while increasing blood viscosity. This biological reaction promotes the aggregation of red blood cells acting as a clotting agent. ActCel Hemostatic Gauze offers quick clotting time, chemical free healing, non-resorbable breakdown and sterile as well as bacteriostatic properties. ActCel is also ideal for patients using the prescription blood thinner know as Coumadin.

ActCel Hemostatic Non-Resorbable Gauze is packaged in boxes of 20 and is available in three convenient sizes: 2x2, 2x4 and 4x4 inches. Larger sizes may be folded over to increase absorption.

Dimensions 2" x 2" LxW 2" x 4" LxW 4" x 4" LxW Please select product options before viewing spec
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